Being delivered from violence at home and realising I had a future


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I was a very naughty boy and ran away from home to Howrah Station because my father used to chain me to the door.  I stayed on Howrah Station for a long time.  One night Tony Uncle brought me to Future Hope.  When I first come here I was very sad, now I am happy.  Tony Baba took me home to see my family. I saw my father and he took me to a shop and gave me a coke and some chips.  Since then I go home to meet my parents and come back to Future Hope….  My father is an alcoholic.  He used to beat us up after he drank.  [At Future Hope] I will study hard and never run away.  I will help others and lead a good life.  Now I play cricket and football.  I enjoy playing cricket on holidays when we go to Rajarhat. We play cricket the whole day.   [His ambition is to become a professional cricketer and play for West Bengal and India] I will have to work very hard to make my dreams come true."

Note: To preserve the children's privacy, this is a library photo, taken on the streets of Kolkata in 2010

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