Being taken off the streets and arriving at Future Hope


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"I suddenly woke up from sleep and saw my father beating my mother. That night my mother and I decided to run from there [he is soon separated from his mother and ends up miles from home on Howrah station. He makes friends with 2 other boys on the station] We get together and beg from the people. With that money we used to live and whatever food we like to eat we eat. [One night it was raining] we made a tent to sleep but we were very lucky because we saw a jeep where Tim Uncle was with other boys who came to pick us up. At that time we did not know the language they were speaking. Other people…explained in Bengali “do you want to go to a hostel?” We thought they were bad people but after a while we thought they were good and kind.
We reached Future Hope at midnight. We took a shower and wore new clothes, and ate some snacks and went to sleep. The next morning we started in school from KG class. Now I am in class 7. I want to say very thanks to Tim Uncle because he made my life in a good way."

Note: To preserve the children's privacy, this is a library photo, taken on the streets of Kolkata in 2010


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