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For impoverished children to take advantage of India's growth they need the opportunities provided by a good all-round education. Competition for places in Kolkata's schools is acute and they often require fees and other expenses far beyond the pockets of the poor. Having our own Future Hope School enables us to provide all the Future Hope children and many from nearby slums with teaching from kindergarten to Class 12 (A Level equivalent). 

Based in Future Hope's Rowland Road complex, the English medium school was set up in 1993 and caters to the special needs of our children in a number of ways. Street children often find it difficult to concentrate, dislike confined spaces and in many cases do not know how to draw, paint or write. To help them settle and adjust gradually to the structures and discipline required in a normal teaching situation we operate an introductory informal classroom environment. Our school also offers a Fast Track system for older children who may require extra help to catch up.

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