Life at Future Hope

The homes are the bedrock of Future Hope and it is here that the children experience possibly for the first time in their lives a secure, stable and nurturing environment among people on whom they can depend. At the heart of each of the homes is a resident house parent who attends to the daily needs and upbringing of the children, and instils in them a sense of belonging and trust.

Located in central Kolkata and within walking distance of the Future Hope School, the homes are arranged according to gender and age group so that during their time at Future Hope the children will progress through the different homes. Each home currently has its own cook who prepares fresh meals for the children each day.

Structure and routine are important in the running of the homes but so too are relaxation and fun, and many activities, including sport, are laid on to keep the children occupied and active.


Pictured are the younger boys from the Upstairs Rowland Road home.

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