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Young adults at university and in work

Once the young adults have progressed through the homes and school towards independence and finding paid employment Future Hope continues to offer some support.  For those able to go on to university or other further education Future Hope covers the cost of this and provides accommodation.  In return the youngsters are expected to find part time work and to contribute in other ways to the running of Future Hope.

For those who go straight into the workplace,  it is still a struggle to make ends meet.  In a society where sons and daughters remain in the family home even after marriage, there is little pressure on employers to provide a living wage to the newly employed.  As our youngsters do not have the safety net of the family, Future Hope continues to offer the security either of accommodation,  a small allowance to help bridge the gap between income and the cost of living or of small loans to enable youngsters to pay a down payment on rented accommodation.  

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