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"On the road I got a sack so I started collecting plastic bottles and paper bags. After collecting those, I went and sold them and got 40 rupees. I went and bought Dendrite. My head was spinning and I started to vomit…."

[He is on the station platform in Mumbai waiting to jump the Howrah bound train early the following morning.] "That night I had some Dendrite and slept. In the night a guy came and asked me for money. I told him I had none. He told me to give him some Dendrite. I told him I had finished some hours ago. The boy just then took out a blade and slashed me on my right shoulder. I was high on drugs so I was not able to do anything to him. [He sees the boy again later] I asked him “Why have you done this to me? I don’t know you and you don’t know me.” The boy swore at me and I got angry and took out a blade from my mouth and slashed his face. I was scared and started running…"

[He is taken in to Future Hope] Living Upstairs [in the younger boys home at Rowland Road] I was sad at first. " After five or six months I was still addicted to Dendrite and was going through severe withdrawal. Not able to take it any more, I ran away with [two friends. They go to Sealdah station where they link up with the street children there]. My friends had dendrite which they shared with me. Not having done dendrite in so long, I felt as if I had rediscovered an old friend. It was very comforting. I wandered around the station the next few days, selling bottles and thinking that I was back where I belonged. [but Tim Uncle has tracked him down and this time takes the boy to a drug rehabilitation centre. He runs away but is returned after a run in with police.] Six months later I phoned Future Hope. Tony Baba, Basu Sir and Dulu Mama came to get me. I promised Uncle that I would never run away again and from then on I’ve been here. I’ve moved from Rowland Road to Ballygunge. I helped everyone there as much as I could, and after a year, I came to Bompass."

Note: To preserve the children's privacy, this is a library photo, taken on the streets of Kolkata in 2010

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