How your donations help

Rs 850

COVID-19 Emergency food ration pack for family for 2 weeks

Rs 1500

Books & stationery for a child for a year

Rs 2500

Clothing, bedding & toiletries for a child for a year

Rs 4070

3 daily nourishing meals and tiffin per child per month


Donate By Cheque

Payable to Future Hope India. Post to 1/8 Rowland Road, Kolkata 700020, West Bengal.

Future Hope India does not have any refund policy for the donations received from any person or organisation

Future Hope India can provide Income Tax Exemption on local Indian Rupee donations

Future Hope India

Future Hope India was founded by Tim Grandage in 1987 and registered with the Indian Trusts Act 1882 in 1991. Future Hope India provides opportunity through its homes, school, sports and medical programme to some of the most vulnerable children from the streets and slums of Kolkata.

A charity with a strong family ethos, we are apolitical and secular and have a 30-year track record of empowering street and slum children of Kolkata. Future Hope has committed and experienced staff, skilled to deliver efficiently and with care in the school and at the homes; and is governed by an eminent Board of Trustees. 



Supporting Our Day Scholars

For our day scholars in lockdown in the slums, the need is varied and requires a constantly evolving approach. It is essential that we are in regular contact with them to ensure that they are safe and to provide support and learning opportunities.

Their first requirement is food, but as lockdown continues their education is also at risk. Therefore on top of the delivery of emergency food packs we are also providng online education to all of our students. 

For many day scholars access to a phone is limited if at all. We have started to help them with connectivity so that they can stay in touch with Future Hope and the news, but also to ensure that they have access to online lessons with their teachers and peer groups. 100% of our day scholars are now connecting daily and lessons. 

As well as supporting the education of our existing students we recently managed to enrol a further 50 new vulnerable children to the Future Hope School and we are pleased to say that they are all settling in well. 

Help with the Covid tragedy in India

With India now experiencing the horrors of a new wave of Covid, we wanted to share an update on the situation at Future Hope and in the communities we work with in Kolkata. 

The virus is spreading wildly through all areas and we hear from our day scholars of many cases in local slums previously less affected. At Future Hope we have been affected too with cases in our community. We have set up our own Covid ward in our school building whilst continuing to run our school online for all our students.

In the ward we look after those who have tested positive for Covid from our homes’ children, staff, day scholars and their families in the slums. We ensure that everyone gets good food, rest and the correct medical help which is spearheaded by our wonderful nurse, Shohani, and our doctor Muktish.  Three senior staff, Basudev, HP Shah and Mintu run the ward on a twenty-four-hour basis ensuring that continuous care is given; they are assisted by alumni Milan and some of the senior boys and girls.  

Vaccinations in India are currently free but supply is short and people need to queue for hours to stand a chance of receiving these. We are trying to ensure that everyone we know gets at least the first dose of the vaccine and also offering our IT support to those families who are struggling to register online.

A partial lockdown now imposed across Kolkata will add another threat to the lives of those in the slums as daily wage jobs are once again shut down or lost. We are already hearing from many alumni and day scholar's parents stories of hunger and desperation as they cannot work and see a need to provide emergency ration packs again to offer them the lifeline they will need to survive this pandemic.  

You can support by clicking the donate button at the top of the page and we will ensure your donation will reach the children, and their families who need it, very quickly. 

Tim Grandage.

Founder, Future Hope India

Suppporting Our Resident Children

130 children & young people have been cooped up in our six residential homes since March. Our team of houseparents and staff are working around the clock to provide stimulating activities to keep the children mentally and physically occupied and continue their education.

The children are full of energy but have coped remarkably well. Although not allowed to leave the building the children exercise everyday to stay strong. Whether it be yoga, burpees, football, tug of war, dancing or running up and down stairs!

Virtual classes are in place after a bit of a challenging start due to limited resources and a lack of internet connections. However, our teachers are now able to connect with all the children and our school has resumed with regular on-line classes.

Some generous people and role models in Kolkata and from all over India have offered their help, making the on-line experience fun and special with new opportunities. From an afternoon of rhythm, song and duets on the tabla with a Grammy winner Tabla player, to preparing cooling summer juices with 5-star chefs, an on-line magic show for the little boys, singing the latest superhits alongside a Bollywood star and discussions with a popular Hindi and Bengali film actor  – what more can children dream of? We thank them all for their time and generosity in this difficult time of a complete lockdown and for inspiring our children!