Your major gift will help us secure better futures for street & slum children in Kolkata for years to come.

Future Hope depends entirely on the generosity of individuals and organisations. We work closely with our supporters  to explain our organisational needs and to understand their individual needs as a donor. The desires of our donors vary, with some happy to contribute to running costs, whilst others wish to fund a capital expenditure. The way in which they become involved is entirely upto them also, with some building a personal relationship with us via a visit to Kolkata and others happy with acknowledgement for their generous support. 

Donations to our work enable us to make a meaningful improvement to the lives of hundreds of vulnerable children by providing safe homes, medical care and an all-round education. Every now and then there are substantial costs that need to be covered, some of these are unpredictable whilst others are on our wish list. This varies from medical emergencies to the maintenance of our homes and school (most recently we had to repair a large hole in the roof of the school following the heavy monsoon rains), to upgrading teaching materials or investing in a new bus to transport the children…

We are also looking at our future and the sustainability of Future Hope. Our long-term plan is to move to Kashinathpur in Rajarhat, where Future Hope owns a plot of land. Here we are planning to build more homes, a school for 500 children and sporting facilities. In scaling up our operations we will be able to provide opportunities to many more disadvantaged and vulnerable children. This project is currently underway and we are actively looking for donors to help us fund this exciting new venture.

If you would like to discuss this please contact Erica Grandage on