Building for the Future


The new inspiration for many more street & slum children

Future Hope has been working with street and slum children for more than 35 years and this project aims to ensure that our work can offer hope to many more children for a long time to come!

A new purpose built campus with school, residential and sports facilities will provide safety, education  and opportunity to 750 children from the streets and slums of Kolkata.


This wonderful Future Hope project will change the face of education in a really positive way in West Bengal for many year to come. 

The late Tarun Chandra Dutt, former Chief Secretary of West Bengal 

How You Can Help 

We need to raise the funds to build the campus and realise this opportunity for our children. If you wish to be a part of building for our future then you can either

donate here or contact us at to find out more.   

Our Need Exceeds Our Capacity  

The current homes and school are operating at full capacity in a very dense locality with no further space for expansion.

Every year we have over 600 applicants (of which at least 100 are considered extremely vulnerable) for approximately 30 places. We need to increase our intake.

The Solution

Since 2002 we have bought 24 acres of land in the countryside at Rajarhat.

Our architects have worked to create a beautiful, cost effective and innovative design for a purpose built school with an integrated skills training centre, children’s homes and sports area all within striking distance of a water body and a mango orchard.

The design incorporates green thinking and our partnerships with environment agencies will help progress sustainability and SDG programmes.

Click here for further details on the project and design


The Plan

The need for the new school is most urgent so this will be prioritised, creating opportunity to grow up to 750 children in school across time and provide all the resources necessary to offer each child the opportunity they need to thrive.

Construction of the homes, assembly hall and playgrounds will follow soon after the construction of the school has been started.

In the past couple of years, progress on the project has been strong and steady. The team have been working together to ensure the project comes to fruition as soon as possible.

With plans nearing completion the required approvals are now being sought.

Build time is projected to be three years with the project aiming to commence in the next year.

Phase 1A—Future Hope School

Future Hope is one of the few to offer a CBSE Affiliated education to street and slum children

The new school will allow us to offer this education to many more students and also provide the science labs, Nursery and KG classrooms, skills training centre and other resources necessary for the all-round education they need to thrive. 




Students at Future Hope will be immersed in a unique educational journey, not defined by the confines of walls and ceilings, but by a profound connection with nature and their community

   Sutanu Bhattacharyya,  Architect