Future Hope is a charitable organisation which provides opportunity through its homes, school, sports and medical programme for some of
the most vulnerable children from the streets and slums of Kolkata, India.

We put society's most vulnerable children at the centre of all we do, and after 34 years we understand the problems they face,
and the solutions that dramatically and permanently change their lives for the better

From the streets to safety

For more than 30 years Future Hope has been helping vulnerable children escape the poverty and danger of the streets by providing safe homes where they feel cared for and happy.

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Primary School for Kids

Educating and empowering

Future Hope offers an excellent all-round education to street & slum children who are given the opportunity to realise their potential and find a path to an independent life.

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We hope that you share some of the joy, energy, life of the Future Hope children whilst you read about this year’s progress


Schools Reopen

We are delighted that the West Bengal government announced the opening of schools and that all of our children are now back in. With schools having only been open for a short period of time since the start of the pandemic, the students are excited to get back to face to face learning, coming together to learn, play and spend time with their friends and teachers. 

We kept our students in education during the pandemic

During the pandemic online school was not an option for many millions of children from poor backgrounds and their learning opportunities remain ad hoc and mostly inaccessible (Online learning available to only 11% of children in India, ASER 2021). Thanks to our generous supporters in India and across the world we can count the Future Hope children to the lucky ones. Throughout the pandemic they have been able to connect, learn and progress whilst our dedicated team continue to put the children at the centre of all we do.

School provides our students with mental stimulation, relationships with their peers and role models, as well as a continuation of their learning. In a time when their home is their only reference Future Hope provides routine, support and a small sense of escapism for many.

Six million children were already out of school. This number threatens to go up due to economic insecurity in their families due to COVID-19, causing many children to leave studies. (ASER 2021)

Aiming for no dropouts, our team of teachers, outreach and senior staff underpin conscious efforts to interact with any child who is struggling to attend 100% of lessons by listening to the concerns they have and offering support and encouragement.


Since its inception in 1987 Future Hope has touched more than 3,500 young lives and many thousands more families.

We pride ourselves on our alumni who have become self-reliant, hardworking members of society, with steady employment and happy families.

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Did you know:


  • In total we supported 624 youth in education in 2020
  • 130 of these are resident in one of our 6 homes.
  • We provide an all-round education in school for more than 360 children. 40% + are girls.
  • A further 179-350 students annually are supported through skills training at our Future Hope George Telegraph Skills Training Institute.
  • 100% of our children come from Below the Poverty Line dysfunctional families, or are orphaned.
  • Every new child creates a financial commitment of 15 years.
  • More than 550 families are now supported by successful Future Hope alumni.
  • During the pandemic we have packed and delivered life-saving ration packs to over 70,000 people
  • We rely entirely on voluntary income from donations, fundraising and gifts in Wills.