Future Hope is a charitable organisation which provides opportunity through its homes, school, sports and medical programme for some of
the most vulnerable children from the streets and slums of Kolkata, India.

We put society's most vulnerable children at the centre of all we do, and after more than 35 years we understand the problems they face,
and the solutions that dramatically and permanently change their lives for the better

From the streets to safety

For more than 35 years Future Hope has been helping vulnerable children escape the poverty and danger of the streets by providing safe homes where they feel cared for and happy.

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Primary School for Kids

Educating and empowering

Future Hope offers an excellent all-round education to street & slum children who are given the opportunity to realise their potential and find a path to an independent life.

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Future Hope Annual Newsletter 2024 - Care

The theme of this newsletter is ‘Care’ reflecting where it all started for Future Hope and the ethos that continues to be fundamental to bringing up happy, thoughtful and successful children. The care of one individual for a group of street children has grown into a vibrant organisation with a wonderful team of house parents, teachers and staff caring for over 2,500 children.

Our priority is to get all our children, whether they have a medical condition or are starved, mistreated by a violent parent or have no chance in life, to come to school regularly, meet their aspirations post-school, eat nutritious food and play sports like any other child. Only then can they take true advantage of our excellent all-round education and build their futures.

Even though we have grown, we remain ambitious for each of our children, always aiming to provide them with the best care as well as the greatest opportunities. It has been a great delight to see our Special Educational Needs children flourish through Karate Lessons, other students tackle the subject of Artificial Intelligence in their House Drama and to learn that all the students who sat the CBSE board exams at class XII level passed with flying colours.



Listen Now! "Hope Within The Mango Trees" podcast

Future Hope has decided to tell its own story, through the words of students, staff and founders!

“Hope Within The Mango Trees” is the complete story of Future Hope; from humble beginnings back in the 1980s through to the thriving present day of bright futures and lives transformed!

We are delighted that one of our alumni, Nikhat Khatun, is your guide on this remarkable journey! Providing first-hand evidence of the transformational work of Future Hope, Nikhat has moved from life on the streets, through ten years at Future Hope School, to graduation, to full-time employment, to her debut as an international broadcaster!
We really hope you enjoy it and share the series far and wide to all your friends and family!  You can listen and subscribe now using the links below depending on your favourite podcast platform. Click the link below:


Since its inception in 1987 Future Hope has touched more than 3,500 young lives and many thousands more families.

We pride ourselves on our alumni who have become self-reliant, hardworking members of society, with steady employment and happy families.

"My dream is to motivate others so they don’t suffer the same ways I had to go through, to be a successful person and support my family".


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Did you know:


  • 100% of our children come from Below the Poverty Line dysfunctional families, or are orphaned.
  • Every new child creates a financial commitment of 15 years.
  • More than 90% of our students go on to higher education or skills training
  • Our alumni are now enjoying careers in IT, design, banking, teaching, sport, engineering, hospital management and many more.
  • Nearly 2/3 of Future Hope Alumni give back in their communities or to Future Hope

  • We rely largely on voluntary income from donations, fundraising and gifts in Wills.

  • Together we are changing lives for over 3000 children right now and thousands more over future generations