Future Hope is a charity with a strong family ethos which started from humble beginnings in 1987 when Tim Grandage was the Bank Manager of an HSBC branch in Kolkata and befriended a group of street children who looked after his car. Through talking with them Tim became aware of the numerous problems and needs of these children who eked out an existence at Howrah Station, and realised he could not turn a blind eye to their plight.

Tim started to take street-children into his home and soon had thirty-five children sleeping safely on the floor in his flat, eating three regular meals a day. Within a couple of years he had left HSBC and enlisted the bank’s support for his new found charity.

Initially, Tim had huge challenges to get the children to settle. They had experienced unimaginable trauma and were rejected by their own family and society. He was disappointed on many occasions when they ran away, back to the streets. Two things became clear, these children needed a routine and positive role models. Tim introduced sport to get rid of excessive energy and to make the children feel part of a team, accepted and proud. He also created homes with dedicated house-parents who gave up their own family lives to look after the daily needs and upbringing of the children. 

In 1998 Future Hope School was founded in response to the growing demand for places in good local schools. Future Hope recognised that education was the passport to a good life, but illiteracy and starting school late made it difficult to place children in a class that matched their age. In response Future Hope developed a system whereby children can follow an academic curriculum or a more practically orientated route, both resulting in fully Government recognised qualifications.

Over 3 decades Future Hope has worked with more than 3,000 children and young people and prides itself on its alumni who have become self-reliant, hardworking and trustworthy members of society, with steady work and happy families. Their success also breaks the cycle of poverty for future generations and enables them to help the larger community.

Along our journey many generous supporters have volunteered their time and skills to assist in establishing Future Hope: doctors willing to treat the sick children, teachers to educate them and donors to provide crucial financial support. We thank them all!

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