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Future Hope Nederland

Stichting Future Hope Nederland werft sinds 1993 fondsen voor de dagelijkse onkosten van Future Hope in India.

Future Hope biedt opvang en opleiding aan honderden kwetsbare kinderen die op straat of in de armste sloppenwijken van Kolkata, in India overleven.  Dit zijn kinderen die voortdurend blootgesteld zijn aan alle vormen van geweld, misdaden, ziektes, verslaving en kinderarbeid.


Future Hope Covid 19 Emergency Response Ration Packs

The situation in India remains very uncertain. Covid 19 has put many more millions of lives at risk. Most people in the slums rely on daily wages that stopped when the country went into sudden lockdown. Dying of hunger for them is now a bigger worry than the virus. The stories we are hearing of hunger and fear from our day scholars are heart-rending. Our children need us more than ever.

Future Hope’s mission has always been to give street & slum children a better tomorrow, so at this time of crisis we are using our connections to deliver life-saving emergency rations.

With a massive team effort and help from the local police we have already delivered 2000 rescue ration packs with essentials like dry food and soap to desperate families, including our day scholars and alumni. Each pack contains enough food to feed a family of five for about two weeks.

The plight of the slum dwellers is huge and is only growing as lockdown continues. We need to provide this lifeline to these families until the crisis is over and they can return to work. If you can, please donate today to help these vulnerable families survive this crisis.

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Supporting Our Children

Our Day Scholars

For our day scholars in lockdown in the slums, the need is varied and requires a constantly evolving approach. It is essential that we are in regular contact with them to ensure that they are safe and to provide support and learning opportunities.

Their first requirement is food, but as lockdown continues their education is also at risk. We are already delivering emergency food packs and now need to turn our attention to learning.

For many day scholars access to a phone is limited if at all. We have started to help them with connectivity so that they can stay in touch with Future Hope and the news, but also to ensure that they have access to online lessons with their teachers and peer groups. 100% of our day scholars are now connecting daily and lessons will continue throughout the summer months. 



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Our Resident Children

130 children & young people have been cooped up in our six residential homes since March. Our team of houseparents and staff are working around the clock to provide stimulating activities to keep the children mentally and physically occupied and continue their education.

The children are full of energy but have coped remarkably well. Although not allowed to leave the building the children exercise every day to stay strong. Whether it be yoga, burpees, football, tug of war, dancing or running up and down stairs!

Virtual classes are in place after a bit of a challenging start due to limited resources and a lack of internet connections. However, in the past few weeks our teachers have been able to connect with all the children and our school has resumed with regular on-line classes.

Some generous people and role models in Kolkata and from all over India have offered their help, making the on-line experience fun and special with new opportunities. From an afternoon of rhythm, song and duets on the tabla with a Grammy winner Tabla player, to preparing cooling summer juices with 5-star chefs, an on-line magic show for the little boys, singing the latest superhits alongside a Bollywood star and discussions with a popular Hindi and Bengali film actor  – what more can children dream of? We thank them all for their time and generosity in this difficult time of a complete lockdown and for inspiring our children!