Community Sport

Khelo Rugby is a sport for development programme, part of Future Hope’s efforts to support needy and disadvantaged children at a community level. Khelo Rugby is where our passion for rugby meets our passion to improve the lives of the children that play with us.

Khelo Rugby begins with the simple act of taking a rugby ball into an underserved community.

The magic of the rugby ball then takes over with children mesmerised by the odd shape and funny bounce. With a commitment of regular fun rugby sessions we begin to build the trust of the children and their communities. We can then begin to explore other areas of support, led by the children themselves and coaches who come from a similar background. 

We started Khelo Rugby in 2010 in Kolkata where the Jungle Crows rugby club was founded. Khelo Rugby joined the Future Hope family in 2022.  

We now have more than 30 communities in Kolkata who are part of Khelo Rugby, these vary from local disadvantaged slum areas, to local schools to other NGOs. Khelo Rugby in Saraswatipur is based around a group of villages in the North of West Bengal in an area known as the Dooars. Village life revolves around a tea garden and our Sunrise Centre - a purpose built hub for Khelo Rugby, serving many 100s of children from the area. In Bengaluru Khelo Rugby operates in underserved communities and in some local schools. Our newest Khelo Rugby project is in a group of villages in Jarmundi Block, Jharkhand. 

Growing Up With Rugby - Sport for Development

Khelo Rugby keeps growing and developing and rugby remains at it’s heart and is a huge motivator for all the children. The impact of Khelo Rugby is much greater and takes in community support, scholarships, our own social development curriculum, leadership training and heaps of learning. The development of Khelo Rugby is very much in the hands of the young participants themselves, they are in charge.

A good example of this was when our first group of participants in Khelo Rugby Saraswatipur directed the project towards supporting their education - amongst a host of difficulties experienced growing up in a remote village this was where they wanted the focus. Since then we have organised systematic educational support and seen exam pass rates improve and children go on to University with scholarships from Khelo Rugby.