Extra Curricular Activities & Sport

At Future Hope we continually expose our children to a positive all round education, build up their confidence and determination to take on learning challenges and to view Future Hope as a steppingstone to a brighter, self-reliant future. As they discover new activities and talents we see an increase in their self-esteem, motivation and sense of belonging.


Sport has always been at the heart of Future Hope, changing the lives of many of the children in a very positive way. In contrast to life on the streets where personal survival is the driving force and each child has to look out for him or herself, playing sport helps these children to learn about trust, teamwork, self-discipline, determination and self-confidence.



At Future Hope we expose the naturally inquisitive children to a wide variety of activities, including classical and contemporary dance, Indian and Western music, chess, drama classes, photography workshops and art classes, to give them the opportunity to explore different interests and nurture individual talent.