Sport has always been at the heart of Future Hope, changing the lives of many of the children in a very positive way. In contrast to life on the streets where personal survival is the driving force and each child has to look out for him or herself, playing sport helps these children to learn about trust, teamwork, self-discipline, determination and self-confidence.

Future Hope believes in the transformative effect that playing sport has on the children, helping them to overcome their extreme lack of opportunity and trauma. 

In the early days of Future Hope sport was necessary to get the children out of Tim's flat to run around and play. However, after watching rugby being played they wanted to learn how to play this game, and it became the first sport of many that they love and take part in.

Sport is a great leveller and continues to help our children settle into a normal life. Future Hope youngsters do not have the same advantages in life as the children they meet in matches. However, they have proved time and time again that their enthusiasm to battle against the odds has gained them respect and helps them to win.

Future Hope boys have always displayed particular prowess on the rugby field, making history by producing national players and carrying off numerous trophies at national and local levels. Cricket is now as important, both for boys and for girls. During a visit by the England cricket team several years ago, Captain Alastair Cook opened Future Hope's Cricket Academy. Junior and senior teams are competing against other schools and on many occasions, win.

Rowing has been a hit with a group of girls and boys taking themselves off before dawn to the rowing club in the lakes area for early rowing practice and enjoying competing with their teamates against other clubs.  Football is very popular with both girls and boys and our teams rank among some of the best teams in Kolkata. Hockey, netball, athletics and kabaddi also have an important place on the sporting curriculum.

All of the students at Future Hope play sport with buses taking them out to our beautiful green open space at Rajarhat at least twice a week for training, as well as PE and other sporting practice also taking place on the newly refurbished Astroturf on our school premises at Rowland Road.