Medical Care & Nutrition

When children arrive at Future Hope from the streets or slums they are malnourished and many are ill. Weakness, scabies, boils, skin diseases, burns, infections, diarrhoea, tuberculosis, typhoid, STDs, leprosy, neurological problems and addiction are all conditions from which children may suffer. Treating these and maintaining good health are important to enable the children to take part in school.

The medical centre at Future Hope attends to the health needs of all the children. When they first arrive the children undergo a standard medical check-up with blood tests, chest X-ray and urine and stool samples. Some children have diseases and disabilities that stay with them for many years or sometimes a lifetime.

When they first arrive 100% of the children have challenging healthcare needs.

They receive treatment where needed and are vaccinated to prevent them from getting further disease. The counsellor is an indispensable vent for the children who are troubled and have underlying problems. All the children visit the dentist on a regular basis and take part in routine vision and hearing tests.

For more complicated matters we make use of a network of specialised doctors and local hospitals, whilst children addicted to drugs or solvents will spend some time at an NGO-run drug rehabilitation centre before returning to Future Hope.

Since all our children come from impoverished backgrounds, it is essential that we place extra attention on a carefully cooked and healthy diet so that the children can make up for any dietary deficit. They are taught the importance of personal hygiene and a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition, a good routine and activity. With the food that we produce at Future Hope, we see the children grow into strong, confident young people who can concentrate in school and play sports with alacrity.