Our Children

At Future Hope we see ourselves as an extended family in which our youngsters fall into three groups: resident children, day scholars and young adults. Children arrive with us from extreme poverty, malnourished, ill and often having endured severe physical and mental abuse. They are often resilient and resourceful and at Future Hope they can channel their energies into creating a brighter future for themselves through school, sport and family life.

Resident children

These children range in age from five to twenty two years and live in one of the Future Hope Homes. They also attend Future Hope School or other educational establishments in Kolkata. They come to us due to extreme poverty and dire living conditions and they have no family capable of caring for them.

Day scholars 

Our day scholars are children who come from the very poorest families in the slums (bustees) who live with their families but benefit from the excellent all-round education at Future Hope School. We believe that if a child has parents he/she should stay with them if this is possible.

Young people

When our children complete their school education and are moving towards independence, we extend our financial and moral support to help them pursue higher education or vocational training courses to increase their chances to find gainful employment.