Our outreach team

Future Hope has a clear outreach policy focussing on children at risk of severe abuse or neglect with every chance of losing their lives. Our outreach team has first-hand experience with information gathered over three decades on where vulnerable children congregate, the risks they are subject to, the networks that control them and how Future Hope can offer these children security and opportunity.

With good contacts in the local communities, the slums, at railway stations and in the red light areas, our outreach team is often out late into the night looking for children who are in desperate need of a safe home, stability and a chance in life. Future Hope does not work in any particular community and takes in children solely on the basis of extreme need, irrespective of gender, caste, creed or background.

We also work with children from local slums (bustees) and the outreach team carefully screens each family, visits the child’s home and selects only the most “at risk” children who would benefit greatest from the opportunities that Future Hope School provides.

To ensure that as many children as possible are safe and have a chance in life, Future Hope maintains vital connections with the local authorities, the Police and the Civil Service of the Government. The outreach team works closely with the Child Welfare Committee, the Department of Social Welfare of the Government of West Bengal and other NGO’s.