Their stories

Lost and calling the station platform home

“My family was unlucky, we faced so many problems. My father was blind and my mother had cancer. I was about 8 years old and my brother was only 3 and no one was there to help. We moved around to beg and lived in plastic shacks, we had no fixed home and no income for treatment for my mother. I remember how she suffered and I felt helpless. My parents had an argument and my mother took me away. We travelled for many hours, with no money or food. I felt very thirsty and went to the water tap to drink without asking my mother. When I returned my mother was no longer there….I waited and searched for many years.”

'I was the boy who had no dreams'

“Before coming to Future Hope I was the boy who had no dreams and ambition. I was the boy who used to work for others for food and shelter. I had nothing of my own. I used to feel as if I was trapped in a cage. I can proudly say that Future Hope has changed my life and has given me my freedom back. I get everything that I need, including love and care, which I want the most in my life because I never got this from my family or parents. Today I have dreams and ambition, I am striving to become an army officer."

Begging to survive

A little boy sat begging on a crossroads. He was hungry, vulnerable and upset. When our team talked to him he poured out his story. His father was a labourer in the countryside until he had an accident and lost one arm. Nobody would give him work and as there is no ‘safety net’ for disabled people, disability spells disaster for the family. Forced to leave his village to seek work in the city, he ended up begging for a living along with his wife and children. They sleep on the pavement by the bus stop with no shelter, blankets or protection.

Desperate and Alone

When he was six years old the little hut where he lived with his mother caught fire. Both were severely burnt and his mother died three days later, leaving him behind. When no one came to the hospital to collect him, he was put out on the streets. When we found him several months later he was bewildered, scarred and desperately unloved. At Future Hope he settled into a loving home where sport helped him to manage his anger and learn trust.

Born into Brothels

A pretty 15 year old girl, came to Future Hope in 2005 along with a group of children who had been starring in the film ‘Born into Brothels’. She was extremely vulnerable and heading towards a life of prostitution. Future Hope made sure that she was safe, completed her school and pursued higher education. She is now working in a business centre. She is happily married to Iqbal and they are saving money to buy their own flat.