Lost and calling the station platform home

“My family was unlucky, we faced so many problems. My father was blind and my mother had cancer. I was about 8 years old and my brother was only 3 and no one was there to help. We moved around to beg and lived in plastic shacks, we had no fixed home and no income for treatment for my mother. I remember how she suffered and I felt helpless. My parents had an argument and my mother took me away. We travelled for many hours, with no money or food. I felt very thirsty and went to the water tap to drink without asking my mother. When I returned my mother was no longer there….I waited and searched for many years.”


Along with hundreds of destitute children Konda slept on the railway platform at night and washed plates during the day to eke out an existence. He was about 8 years old when Tim Uncle brought him to Future Hope. Desperately worried about his family Future Hope helped him trace his roots and he was eventually reunited with his grandmother and little brother in a remote village, but he also learned that both his parents had died.

Future Hope helped Konda change his life. He is working as a Senior Sales Executive in a bookstore, happily married and has three children who go to school. In his spare time Konda helps the disadvantaged people in his village.